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115. Gaurav Modi, Andrew C. Meng, Srinivasan Rajagopalan, Rangarajan Thiruvengadam, Peter K. Davies, Eric A. Stach, and Ritesh Agarwal “Controlled Self-Assembly of Nanoscale Superstructures in Phase-Change Ge–Sb–Te Nanowires”; Nano Lett [Link]

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114. Young-Chul Leem, Zhenyao Fang, Yun-Kyung Lee, Na-Yeong Kim, Arvin Kakekhani, Wenjing Liu, Sung-Pyo Cho, Cheolsu Kim, Yuhui Wang, Zhurun Ji, Abhirup Patra, Leeor Kronik, Andrew M. Rappe, Sang-Youp Yim, and Ritesh Agarwal “Optically Triggered Emergent Mesostructures in Monolayer WS2“; Nano Lett [Link]

113. Yuhui Wang, Shupeng Xu, Liang Feng, Ritesh Agarwal “Simple realization of a fragile topological lattice with quasi flat-bands in a microcavity array”; arXiv [Link]

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