Past Postdocs

  • Dr. Chang-Hee Cho (Semiconductor Nanophotonics and Plasmonics); Currently Assistant Professor at Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST), Department of Emerging Materials Science, Korea.
  • Dr. Hee-Suk Chung (Phase Change Materials, in-situ TEM); Currently senior engineer at Samsung Inc. electro-mechanics, Korea
  • Dr. Sung Wook Nam (Phase Change Materials, in-situ TEM); Currently Research Scientist at IBM.
  • Dr. Lambert van Vugt (Semiconductor Nanophotoincs)
  • Dr. Se-Ho Lee (Phase Change Nanowires); Currently Senior MTS, Hynix Semiconductor Inc, Korea
  • Dr. Bin Zhang (Cation Exchange Phenomena in II-VI Nanowires); Currently Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Tianjin University.
  • Dr. Huacheng Zhang (Nanowire Surface Engineering for Organic/Inorganic Devices)
  • Dr. Mukut Mitra (Drift in nanowire phase change memory) Currently at Applied Materials

Past Ph.D. Students

  • Carlos O. Aspetti (Surface plasmon-based engineering of semiconductor nanowire optics): PhD Awarded Dec 2014. Management Consultant in Greater New York Metropolitan Area.
  • Chris Rodd (Light-Matter Coupling in Nanowire Optical Cavities): PhD Awarded May 2013. Patent Examiner at U.S. Patent Office.
  • Brian Piccione (Light-Matter Coupling in Nanowire Optical Cavities): PhD Awarded May 2013. Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. Recipient of “Early Career Recognition Award” from Pennsylvania State University.
  • Yeonwoong Jung (Nanowire Phase Change Memory): PhD Awarded May 2009. Postdoctoral fellow at Yale University. Recipient of MRS-silver medal award, NBIC-Penn Student Research award, Stein Prize for best PhD Thesis.

Past Masters Students

  • Haofeng Li (Polymer/Semiconductor hybrid solar cells): May 2011. Currently Ph.D. student at Dartmouth College, Thayer School of Engineering.
  • Dong-Kyon Ko (Growth of Phase Change Nanowires): Dec 2006. Currently Ph.D. student at Penn Chemistry.
  • Yu-Han Cheng (Controlled Growth of High-Density Nanowires): May 2007. Currently Ph.D. student at  UCSD.
  • Tyler Zimmerman (Nanowire Solar Cells): May 2008. Currently at Boeing Corporation.
  • Chung-Ying Yang (Recrystallization Mechanism in Phase Change Nanowires): May 2009. Currently at Taiwan Semiconductors.
  • Chien-An Chen (Growth Dominant Recrystallization in Phase Change Nanowires): May 2009

Past Undergraduates

  • Karthik Kumar (Ultra-small phase change nanowire, characterization and growth)
  • Aaron Wishba (Nanowire waveguides)
  • Rahil Mehrotra (Radiation effects on phase change nanowire devices)
  • Thomas Walsh (Radiation effects on phase change nanowire devices)
  • Shoham Bhadra (Nanowire spectrometer)
  • Eric Mills (Nanowire spectrometer)
  • Arthur Spector (Nanowire waveguide dispersion)
  • Mariam Georges (Bio inspired photovltaics)
  • Justin Chung (Coupled nanowire LED-detector systems)
  • Andrew Jennings (Size-Controlled growth of Phase Change Nanowires with Novel Catalysts)
  • Alex Sztein (Waveguiding in Nanowires with Controlled Defects)
  • Johanna Engel (Diameter Control of Phase Change Nanowires)
  • Jennifer Ehrich (Memory Switching in Nanowires)