Nanowire Phase Change Memory, University of Pennsylvania

Featured amongst the top five biggest advance in nanoscience in 2007 by MIT Technology Review
Featured on Comcast Network Channel on cable television as a part of Art Fennel Reports show, Dec 19th, 2007.
Phase Change Nanowire images displayed at the New York Museum of Modern Art as a part of the exhibition “Design and the Elastic Mind”, Feb 24-May 12, 2008.
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Also featured on at least 50 science and technology websites including: EurekaAlert,, NASA Tech Briefs, Nanotechwire, CCN Magazine, Science Daily, TG Daily, PhysOrg,,,,,,, Frost & Sullivan

Assembly of Nanowires with Optical Tweezers, Harvard University

Cover story in Photonics Spectra magazine, Jan 2006.
Featured in Harvard Crimson, Jan 2006.
TRN news roundup, “Holograms Organize Nanowires”, Dec 2005.
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