Past Masters Students

  • Haofeng Li (Polymer/Semiconductor hybrid solar cells): May 2011. Currently Ph.D. student at Dartmouth College, Thayer School of Engineering.
  • Dong-Kyon Ko (Growth of Phase Change Nanowires): Dec 2006. Currently Ph.D. student at Penn Chemistry.
  • Yu-Han Cheng (Controlled Growth of High-Density Nanowires): May 2007. Currently Ph.D. student at  UCSD.
  • Tyler Zimmerman (Nanowire Solar Cells): May 2008. Currently at Boeing Corporation.
  • Chung-Ying Yang (Recrystallization Mechanism in Phase Change Nanowires): May 2009. Currently at Taiwan Semiconductors.
  • Chien-An Chen (Growth Dominant Recrystallization in Phase Change Nanowires): May 2009