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I've done a courtesy search for the term strong exciton plasmon coupling in mos2 coupled with plasmonic lattice for you. See if you can find what you're looking for in the list below:

  • 2017

    Click to enlarge 74. Rubab Amin, Can Suer, Zhizhen Ma, Ibrahim Sarpkaya, Jacob B.Khurgin, Ritesh Agarwal, Volker J.Sorger, “A deterministic guide for material and mode dependence of on-chip electro-optic modulator performance”,Solid-State Electronics, 2017. [Link] Click to enlarge 73. Wenjing Liu, Yuhui Wang, Carl H. Naylor, Bumsu Lee, Biyuan Zheng, Gerui Liu, A. T.Charlie Johnson, Anlian … Continue reading »

  • 2016

    Click to enlarge 67. Qi Wang, Liaoxin Sun, Jian Lu, Ming-Liang Ren, Tianning Zhang, Yan Huang, Xiaohao Zhou, Yan Sun, Bo Zhang, Changqing Chen, Xuechu Shen, Ritesh Agarwal & Wei Lu, “Emission energy, exciton dynamics and lasing properties of buckled CdS nanoribbons”,Scientific Reports, 2016. [Link] Click to enlarge 66. Qinglin Zhang, Shao-Wei Wang, Xingxing Liu, … Continue reading »